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AB Heatec Engineering BV - Specialist in Thermal Oil, Steam and Hot Water Systems

AB Heatec Engineering BV is the independent continuation of the well-known KonusKessel en Bertrams-Konus office in the Netherlands. The company is already more than 25 years active as a supplier of heating systems for the processindustry, marine and offshore world wide.
The Dutch office operated as a design, sales and after service office world wide and has been involved in numerous heat transfer and heat recovery projects. As a result our extensive archive> 25 years contains the design and engineering data of many land and marine installations operating all over the world.

Especially the marine and industry sector noticed the available expertise on Thermal Oil Heating Systems and as a result our office realizes several heating systems for industry and marine.
All of them are optimised for energy recovery and minimum downtime and are tailor made according to the specific heat requirements of each customer.

Customer-satisfaction as our main focus, our company remains the specialist for ship cargo and fuel heaters and heating installations for the process industry, chemical industry and food processing industry.



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